story {junior cotillion}

a couple of weeks ago, we learned about the junior cotillion program and the local chapter. other baseball moms filled us in and we found out that many of spencer's friends were participating. matt and i both had wanted spencer to participate in something like this and we were excited to get him signed up. spencer...not so excited.

we spent labor day scouring the mall for everything he needed to be dressed for his special dances & classes. again...spencer not so thrilled. last friday was his first dance/class. i left work early so i would be there while he was getting ready. matt ironed his clothes, giving spencer some lessons along the way, then walked him through how to do his tie.

100910 Junior Cotillion 01 - Matt helping Spencer with tie

after he was all dolled up, i escorted him to our front yard for some photo ops. the forced pose....
100910 Junior Cotillion 06 - Spencer before

and the unsolicited pose...
despite the attitude, isn't he seriously handsome???
100910 Junior Cotillion 08 - Spencer before

i drove him there but did not take my camera inside, in an attempt to not embarrass him (though plenty of moms were armed with them). when i arrived an hour and a half later to pick him up, they were still dancing. i ran to my car to grab my camera, but didn't make it in time. all i was able to catch was spencer escorting his partner around the circle and to the door as they departed.
100910 Junior Cotillion 09 - Spencer at end of class

100910 Junior Cotillion 10 - Spencer at end of class
and here he is politely thanking his hosts.
100910 Junior Cotillion 11 - Spencer at end of class

when we got in the car, spencer informed me that this definitely didn't qualify as "fun" but it was tolerable. however, he was on cloud nine. bouncing off the walls. he was quite tickled that he got to dance with a good lookin' high school girl. he was being a spaz in the car...dancing and singing.
100910 Junior Cotillion 13 - Spencer after

see, the thing is...spencer knew he looked good. he was all about being dressed up. he even voluntarily wore his blazer to the baptism on sunday. on the way home, we stopped at a local restaurant to pick up a to-go order. it was packed and he literally worked the room...talking to complete strangers about his night. it cracked me up!!!
100910 Junior Cotillion 16 - Spencer after

and then we got home, shared stories with matt and had a celebratory glass of champagne (no, spencer did not drink any alcohol!).
100910 Junior Cotillion 18 - toast

and just a random, cute shot of coleman...taken during the tie session. this is his "i am laughing hysterically" face.
100910 Coleman copy


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  1. How funny is this whole story! I never did the whole junior cotillion thing...but wish I did. All the "cool" kids did it. Make sure to tell Spencer that. :)