{summer survey}

ok, so i meant to post this on the last day of summer last week (september 21) but apparently, i got sidetracked... found this somewhere and thought it'd be a fun way to wrap up the super hot season!

sunflower 1
photo credit: olkaprill

1.What’s your favorite flavor of cool drink? mint
2.Describe your swimming-pool style: on a float, drink in hand
3.What’s your favorite book you’ve read this summer?  sadly, haven't read many. other than the obvious (The Bible), probably james patterson's 8th confession.
4.Describe this year’s swimsuit: last year's :)
5.What color are your flip flops? seriously? i have a ton...as many colors as possible.
6.Describe your favorite place to read in the summer:  on or near the beach
7.What’s your favorite ice cream? chocolate
8.Describe your favorite thing about summer: more time with spencer
9.What are you looking forward to about school starting? routine
10.Describe your favorite summer meal:  chicken salad
11.What is your favorite spot in the yard? anywhere in the shade where coleman can play
12.Describe your daily routine: i'm not even going to get into to it...
13.What’s your favorite flower? sunflower
14.Describe your favorite pair of shorts: i don't like to wear shorts
15.What does summer smell like? watermelon


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