lom {connection layout}

during the weekend that i unplugged, and after i created the wallet photo pages, i finally did the actual *connections* layout from my category drawers. these photos were all found behind the grandparents tab. i originally pulled four, but ended up only using three. my goal was to capture my mom with her grandchildren when they were pretty young. there is no journaling, only a handwritten note under each photo to indicate who the kids are and the general time the photo was taken.

if you're curious, the far left is my oldest nephew, bo who just turned 18! the middle photo is coleman. the far right photo is teddy on the left (now almost 14) and maggie on the right (now 12).

these are the same papers i used to create several welcome gifts for neighbors. i really love them for some reason and have enjoyed using them (maybe because they are feminine...a type of  product i don't get to use very often). they are actually hand-me-down supplies from my mom's unwanted stash. interesting coincidence that i ended up using them to do a layout featuring her! thanks mom.


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