{smashing magazine}

around the first of every month, i pay a visit to smashing magazine. i don't know what this website is about or for. i have no idea why it's called smashing. what i do know is that , many moons ago, i was looking for a free download to use as my desktop wallpaper...just something fun and different. my google search brought me here and i've been visiting monthly ever since.

on the first of each month, they have a blog post with tons and tons of free wallpaper downloads. here is september's. each download is available in a variety of screen sizes and with or without a calendar on it. i usually choose the calendar option, though i'm not sure why because i rarely use it for reference. the selection of designs is very diverse. i'd be surprised if you couldn't find something you'd like! i usually struggle with picking my favorite. but with my immense love of all things *cowboy*, this one yanked at my heartstrings!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. I found a great wallpaper to replace the boring blue screen.