this week {9.13 to 9.19}

~ i walked coleman to daycare ~
nice that it was actually cool enough to do this again.

~ blog design class started ~
i was able to spend a little time on the lessons.

~ spencer had his first rec ball game of the season ~
they won 7-2, but he didnt' have a very good game.

~ i ordered coleman's halloween costume online ~

~ i worked on a handout for the baseball team ~

~ i shopped at dick's, party city, and tj maxx ~

~ i got this funny photo message of coleman at daycare ~
aj said he kept going back to the wagon and looking at the wheels to see what was wrong with it and why it wouldn't move. it never occured to him he might not be strong enough!

~ i designed cupcake wrappers and toppers for spencer's birthday (based on his current baseball team - the orioles) ~

~ shopped at wal-mart and the dollar tree ~

~ i participated in a back 2 blogging event ~

~ i made cupcakes ~
big ones for spencer's team; little ones with leftover batter which i sent to daycare

~ i purged some technological items and scrapbook items ~

~ i made muffins and delivered them to new neighbors ~

~ spencer had a baseball game on his birthday ~
they won 7-5; he pitched and had a very good game

~ after the game, the team had cupcakes and baseball oreos and ritz crackers to celebrate ~

~ it was a busy and interesting week at work ~

~ i chatted with spencer online ~

~ the mortgage lady came over to our house to do paperwork for our possible refinance ~

~ we continued to try and get gamecock football tickets and eventually gave up ~

~ i had a work meeting at charlotte motor speedway ~

~ at work, we had lunch at a yummy italian place ~

~ spencer got his first middle school progress report ~
he got 3 As and 1 B in his academic courses.

~ i took a bubble bath ~

~ i wrapped spencer's birthday gifts ~

~ matt, coleman and i woke spencer up by busting into his room singing happy birthday with all of his gifts ~

~ spencer opened his gifts ~

~ spencer's *big* gift was a room makeover at ikea so we spent the day shopping (and eating) there ~
spencer picked up this stuffed dog for coleman but ended up getting attached to it himself :)

~ some friends came over to watch the usc vs. furman game (we won!) and clemson v. auburn game (they lost!)  ~

~ i got caught up on some photo editing and blogging ~

~ we went to my in-laws' for lunch ~

~ i met brigitte & strait at t-bones for a couple of drinks on the patio ~

~ i finished the book of proverbs ~

~ matt and i watched couples retreat ~


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