web wednesday {9.22}

hello chronicles readers...
i just wanted to share some things from around the web that i have found to be of interest, inspiring or just darned cute. enjoy.

***paper scrapbooking***
there must be something in the air... three of my favorite scrapbooking websites/blogs have gotten recent "face lifts". i encourage you to go look at them. they are very visually pleasing. 
i have never really given much thought to my "style" of parenting. and honestly, i don't research much in regards to how we raise spencer or coleman. we basically do what seems right, try to work through the disagreements and when i struggle, i'll search online for some assistance on the particular topic. but on occasion, i run across blog posts that *hit home* on parenting. this was one of those. 
{preserving family memories the simple way} @ steady momthis is a great memory keeping idea for non-scrapbookers!

{blog design basics for blogger} @ jessica spraguei signed up for this class and i'm very excited about it. i've been itching to really makeover the blog but i'm not very tech-savvy. hopefully this class will give me the knowledge boost that i need. it's a self-paced class so i believe you can sign up at anytime.

{love everyday} @ life your way
this blog is featuring a series of 27 posts which are also available as a free e-book download. it is "how to make your marriage extraordinary amongst the chaos of life". go to this post to read one portion of it and get the link to the download. i just printed it myself and i'm looking forward to reading it.
***a little bit of everything***
this is brand new blog (i believe it began 9.6.2010) and it is a pretty freakin' cool concept, if you ask me. it talks about SO MANY different aspects of life. the best part is that you can subscribe to the whole shebang, OR you can choose the categories of interest to you and stick to those! the category blogs include: home, organizing, technology, blogging, green, productivity, success, decorating, finances, food, motherhood...it's almost as if they read my mind! needless to say, i subscribed to the whole thing (for now) and so far, it's worth it!


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  1. Hey Holly!

    Thanks so much for linking to Life...Your Way. I'm so glad you're enjoying the content so far!