lom {wallet photo pages}

two weekends ago, when i decided to *unplug* on saturday, one of the things that i enjoyed was how it forced me to do something more productive with coleman's naptime. i spent time in my scrap studio working on my LOM system and projects. i wanted to complete one of the early assignments from class, which is to create a "connections" layout from your category drawers.

as i was looking for the connection, i came across all these extra wallets behind spencer's tab. i have a 5x7 album where i scrap all of his portraits (usually in a wallet or 3"x5" size). but since i was hanging on to these wallets, i figured i might as well do something with them. i came up with this super easy idea. i stole a few baseball card pages from spencer's room and slipped the wallets into them in a logical fashion.. no frills. no embellishments. no complications.

this first page contains portraits unrelated to school. i'm pretty sure there are some missing and if i find them, i can easily add them. i used my boring, but beloved, labelmaker to add dates/ages. this will be added to our all about us library album.

100904 Wallet Portraits 01

this is the backside of the above page. it contains photos that were all from the same photo shoot. we had so many that they warranted their own page.

100904 Wallet Portraits 05

this page contains his school portraits. i had some tabs with number words on them, so i used those to label the grades. there is room on the back to keep adding future grades. this page was slipped in the back of his school album. on the back side, i tucked in the tabs with future grade numbers so that i don't have to hunt them down when i add future portraits.
100904 Wallet Portraits 02 - School

these are his actual baseball cards from his baseball seasons. i'm pretty sure we've ordered these each season that he's played, so there might be some missing. i am in the process of moving all of spencer's baseball related scrapbook pages into their own album, so i will probably add this to that album.
100904 Wallet Portriats 03 - Baseball front

i love how quick and easy this is. now when we get new photos, i can just slip them into the appropriate page. i will definitely start this for coleman as well.


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