photos {anniversary party}

at the end of october, matt and i hosted an anniversary party (along with his brother & sister-in-law) in our home. his parents were celebrating 60 years together. isn't that impressive???  

101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 02
since the house was already decorated for fall, i chose that as the theme/color scheme. the photo above is our dining room table before the party festivities. i was tickled to find that table runner on clearance at target. it's fall colors, but also incorporates the blue from our dining room. i got the blue pumpkin from hobby lobby...another new addition this year, and i love it.

101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 03 - Joanne
this is matt's mom as she entered the house. we had everyone tucked into the kitchen and den so they couldn't see them until they walked down the hallway.

101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 05
this is the table after most of the food had been set out. i handled the invitations, decorations, etc. matt's sister-in-law did most of the food and it was all so very tasty.

101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 06
we had about 45 folks in our home to celebrate this incredibly special day.
101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 14
with the invitations, everyone received one of these "memory cards" and they were asked to write down a memory, story, note, etc. about the couple and bring it with them. i had some blank ones on hand in case anyone forgot. i was really surprised (and pleased) how many people participated in this activity. these notes, combined with photos from the event, will be put into a photo album for the couple. i created the cards in PSE7 with the same digital elements used on the invitation.

and some obligatory posed shots at the end of the evening...
101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 15
the couple: 60 years together
101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 16
the couple with their two sons

101029 J&J 60th Anniv Party 18
matt and i

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