today is my last day of work in 2011

today i have a "must do" list and then hoping to get out of here early

today i have errands to run (but i'm not feeling overwhelmed)

today i realize how much i have to accomplish in the next 2 days (but i'm not feeling overwhelmed)

today i'm 99% done with my christmas shopping

today i have to call a man about a horse (not really, but i don't want to risk a particular gift-recipient reading this and blowing a surprise).

today it was easier to leave my baby this morning because i knew i get the next week and a half with him. wonder if we will get tired of each other???

today my breakfast was leftovers of the most fabulous cornbread ever

today i am hoping my friend cassidy calls me to chat (she reads my blog, so that was my not-so-subtle reminder).

today i'm loving rhapsody and very close to subscribing. i have a few more days left on my free trial.

today i'm tracking packages online

today i can't stop thinking about coleman's birthday party (and i really need to get through christmas and new year's first)

today it's supposed to hit 60 degrees. heat wave.

today i wore a heavy winter sweater and coat. oops.

today i listened to new albums by plain white t's and lee dewyze. both were enjoyable.

today i actually tried curling my hair a bit. i was inspired by an internet video i watched yesterday. bizarre i know.

today we haven't decided if we are going to have folks over to watch the bowl game and celebrate new year's eve. it'd be a small crowd, if at all...

today i unsubscribed to a bunch of blogs in my reader

today i am thankful for the holiday season and glad christmas is almost here. my family will be in town in only 2 days!

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  1. Hey friend! Of course I read your blog! :) I am going to try to take a quick nap then give you call. I did not sleep well last night and I need a quick nap (that pesky seizure thing :) I will chat with you soon friend. :)