tradition {photos with santa}

it's pretty normal for a family to have the tradition of photos with santa. for some reason, we were always really bad at getting this done with spencer. we have a few sporadic meetings over the years, but it was a far cry from a tradition. so, i vowed that i wouldn't screw it up with coleman. right now, matt's company has a christmas event each year which includes santa so we've just taken advantage of that for our picture opportunity.

as you can see last year, coleman was not a fan of jolly ole saint nick. regardless, i love this picture. it's real. i used this photo to make some ornaments for family.

091205 Photos with Santa 01

this year we were able to capture a photo with a little less angst, but the reality wasn't much different than last year. i'm in the photo because coleman wouldn't have anything to do with santa otherwise. and he started crying not longer after this shot was captured. if you look closely, i'm pretty sure you can tell his bottom lip is stuck out about 10 inches!
and, of course, we appreciate that spencer is a good sport and willing to be in these photos despite that he's a super cool almost-teenager now. i hope he will always help his brother through the tramatic santa experience!

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  1. ah, the super-cool almost-teenager! I have myself one of them, fortunately the little ones kepp her young and she hasn't complained about having her photo with Santa yet.