looking back {2010}

last year, i posted a pretty long list of goals for the new year, and then provided an update in july. you can read the original posts here: look forward 2010 and mid-year update.

with 2010 wrapping up, i figured now i have to fess up on how i did... i will try to keep it brief (as opposed to the original posts!). a post with 2011 goals is forthcoming.

{project 365}
did as much as i felt comfortable and considered it done. moved on.

{coleman's first year album}
carousel is completed. actual album is in progress but not done. as this point, i'm hoping to have it done by his birthday. shame. shame.

{patience + attitude}
i still have a long way to go with this

this became an even bigger deal after i started going into the office everyday again. i'm getting better.

{scrap studio}
no progress. big goal for 2011.

{library of memories}
very little done. not a priority, but still a long-term goal.

{creative outlet}
not much scrapbooking done. minimal creative things accomplished. still a big priority.

{weight loss}

{couponing simplification}
i think i did a pretty decent job of reducing the complication i'd created here. my big thing is allowing myself to not *feel guilty* any time i shop and don't save a ton.

{refocus at work}
yup. new job responsibility helped significantly.

new church home - failed miserably. daily time with God - check!

not so good. jumping back in for 2011.

getting better!

{this blog}
posted more consistently but didn't make some of the bigger scale improvements that i would've liked.

see...i told you i'd keep it short and sweet.

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  1. I like the idea of setting goals...if you don't set goals then you don't know where you are going. Direction is always good. I can't wait to read about your goals for 2011. I love to hear your gaols because sometimes they inspire me for goals of my own. PS- Just thought you should know...I love having you for a friend! Happy 2011 friend!