reverb10 {day13}

december thirteen: action
When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step? (Author: Scott Belsky)

when i think of "action" and the coming year, this blog is actually the first thing that comes to mind. during the course of 2010, i've learned a lot about bloggging. whether it be for fun or for profit; for friends or for strangers. the amount of information available on the topic is astounding. through it all, i've made notes and jotted down ideas. i have tons of plans that i'd like to implement here at the chronicles and i hope to focus on those and take action in 2011. i hope you'll hang around long enough to see them!

sidenote: day 12 was skipped intentionally...wasn't feeling it.

***what is reverb10?***
Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, we'll do both.
sidenote: i decided to back date these posts to match the prompt dates. new posts will always show up "on top" in a reader, but if you come directly to the blog, you may need to scroll down a bit to find these daily *reverb* posts.

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