tradition {time with family}

so, spending time with family at christmas...not an unusual tradition, i know. but i figure it still needs to be highlighted, right??? that's what makes the holiday season so great. so, here is what we do (usually)...

christmas day is spent with matt's family. we don't get spencer until 2:00 on christmas day so we usually have supper at matt's parents' home. the crowd is typically the same, small group: our crew, matt's mom and dad, matt's brother, his wife and his two children. his older daughter is now an (engaged) adult, so she wasn't with us last year, but her and her fiance will be there this year!

Phillip, Christina, JoAnne and Spencer
2007: matt's mom with her grandkids on christmas day

091225 Blackwell Christmas 05 - Matt +Coleman + Jimmy
2009: three generations of blackwell boys.
coleman loved pulling his granddaddy's santa hat off of his head.

time with my family tends to vary a bit from year to year. since we don't all live in the same city, we have to be more flexible. we usually get together within a week or so of christmas. last year, we did something in early december because one of my sisters and her family were spending christmas at disney (fun!!). this year, we will all be together on the actual day...the first time in a long time! usually, matt and i host something at our home. it's usually a meal of some sort. sometimes there is a gift exchange, sometimes not - depends on the timing, etc. this year, we are spending christmas morning/day at my sister's house (matt is working) and then we'll have everyone over to our house on the evening of the 26th.

091225 Hutchison Christmas 02- silly string
2009: christmas morning at my sister's house (matt was working last year, so coleman and i went over there early).
speaking of traditions, my sister's family all get silly string in their stockings and this is always the result!

Maggie & Teddy
2008: my niece (maggie) and nephew (teddy)
my family doing a gift exchange at our house

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  1. You know, some people have serious troubles with the holidays because they have so many places to go. I really don't have that issue because since T isn't close with his family, we simply go to my Dad's on Christmas Eve evening and then are with my mom and her family on Christmas Day. I will tell you this- before we leave our house to go to my Aunt's house on Christmas Day, I have all the clothes put away we bought. (That reminds me, I need to buy some extra hangers tomorrow :) Hopefully I will also have all of G's new toys put away too...that might be aiming pretty high though... :)