tradition {live christmas trees}

i was really hoping to do a daily post about christmas this month. when i (quickly) realized that wasn't going to happen, i started thinking about doing a "12 days of christmas" type thing but couldn't find any inspiration. today it hit me...perfect timing! i was reading a blog post asking for folks to submit their christmas traditions. as i was ponding ours, it *clicked* that it was the perfect idea for my twelve days of christmas. so let's get started...

photos taken on 11.29.2010 at penland tree farm

every year, since matt and i have been together, we've gotten a live christmas tree. most of those involved choosing a roadside stand. some years we made one stop, some years we had to scour several locations. we've had trees around 6 feet tall and some that towered to almost 10 feet. but each and every year, you could count on us heading out in the heat or the cold, to select our evergreen.

a few years ago, we discovered that we have an awesome tree farm just a few miles from our home. now choosing our tree is more than just a trip out...it's an adventure, an experience, a memory. i hope we are able to visit penland tree farm each and every year. i hope it becomes a part of coleman's childhood memories that he will cherish.

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