tradition {thanksgiving weekend decor}

photo taken 11.27.2010 - spencer decorating the tree in his bedroom

growing up, we always decorated our home for christmas beginning around thanksgiving. this is something we've chosen to continue in our home. i know some folks start as early as october or early november, but i have a hard time getting in the spirit that early. i enjoy having my fall decor around for those months. and i think because we live in the south, the cold weather starts later, making it more difficult to get into the spirit too early.

so, each year on or around thanksgiving, we pull down all of the containers from the attic and begin our decorating process. the day we start and when we go pick our tree all depends on our schedule with spencer. we always go get our tree as a family. and spencer enjoys decorating the trees. however, the general "around the house" decor he doesn't get into so i will often squeeze that into my schedule however it fits. spencer has his own tree in his room (see photo above) and has for many years. coleman has a tee-tiny tree in his room. we have two large trees (more on that later) and some small trees that sometimes do or do not get put up. my goal is always to have stuff completed in early december so we can enjoy our decor for a full month.

***twelve days of christmas traditions***
from december 13 to 24, i am featuring christmas traditions here on my blog.
most of these are ones in which my family personally participates.
i encourage you to comment with your own holiday traditions. it's something i adore hearing!

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