tradition {christmas PJs}

part of our christmas eve tradition is opening one gift each. that one gift is a set of new christmas PJs. we all change into them before we continue with the rest of our evening. i don't remember how long we've been doing this, but it's been a long while. i love it!

Family Portrait
2007: sorry, not a great picture

In our new PJs
2008: all of us ending up with plaid pants was totally coincidental

091225 Our Christmas Eve 07 - Family in PJs
2009: all of us ending up in red, also coincidental.

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  1. I love that you do this! It is SO awesome!! I wish we had more traditions...but we really don't have many at all. I will work on that. As G will really be in the world of reality next year (especially Coleman) as he will be nearing 3 next Christmas!