this week {12.12 to 12.19}

101212 Coleman in bath 01
coleman and his bathtime friends, all lined up

~ i finished the book of amos and read the books of obadiah, jonah, micah, nahum, habakkuk, zephaniah, haggai, zechariah, and malachi ~
101213 Coleman + Holly 02
~ i worked from home on monday because matt had a training class at work in the morning ~

~ matt and coleman had lunch at matt's parents' house ~

~ i ordered online from wal-mart, amazon and aeropostale ~

~ i did something to screw up matt's iphone and wipe out his contacts ~
101213 Coleman + Rio 08 copy
coleman and rio sharing a sweet moment
~ i worked a little bit on my december daily album ~

~ i began a blog post series: "12 days of christmas tradition" ~

~ matt went christmas shopping with scott ~

~ i watched a movie: james patterson's sunday at tiffany's ~
101213 Coleman eating spaghetti 02
coleman enjoying some spaghetti, sitting at the table like a big boy.
~ i placed three orders from etsy shops ~

101217 Our Christmas Card
~ our christmas cards arrived. i addressed, labeled and stamped them ~
101218 Coleman with Frosty 05 copy
coleman and his singing frosty the snowman. he loves this thing!
~ i wrapped more presents ~

~ matt was able to go by radio shack and get his contact information restored ~

~ coleman and giada stayed at aj's while cassidy and i joined two other friends for a 'girls night out' dinner at a local mexican place ~
101218 Coleman at Christmas Tree 08 copy
a sweet moment of coleman touching ornaments using the "one finger rule"
~ coleman and i went to wal-mart ~

~ it sleeted ~
101218 Coleman making Pretzel Hugs 03 copy
~ coleman and i made "pretzel hugs" as treats for neighbors and daycare families ~
101218 New Testament
~ i finished reading the old testament ~

~ i put together baggies of "pretzel hugs" with toppers ~

~ i watched a 4-hour lifetime movie: marry me ~
it was actually really good
101218 new card holder
~ i hung up my new christmas card holder ~

101219 Coleman painting ornaments 11 copy
~ coleman painted ~

~ coleman and i went to matt's parents' house for lunch ~
101219 Redneck Deer
~ our neighbors "decorated" our christmas deer ~
~ i watched another lifetime movie ~

101219 Coleman eating cereal 01
coleman eating cereal like a big boy

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