tradition {tour of christmas lights}

photo taken on thanksgiving day 2010 - carolina christmas @ charlotte motor speedway

everyone loves christmas lights, right??? well, at least that's the case in our family. even matt, who sometimes struggles to get into the spirit as much as i do, loves driving around looking at lights. our small tradition is for all of us (now four) to pile into the car and go pick up matt's mom. we do this on either friday or saturday night of a particular weekend in december (usually the 2nd weekend).

Jo & Spencer in the car as we look at lights (in Stafford Park)
2008: spencer with his grandmother in the car during our drive

there is a local neighborhood that goes all out with their decorations. on this weekend, they have their official light show. the entire community is lined with luminaries and each home has a number so you can vote on your favorites. it's really impressive. our drive always starts there. then we hit a few special houses in the area that we know go above and beyond. this year was particularly fun because coleman is enjoying the lights now. lots of "ooooh"s coming from the backseat, but he did end up falling asleep before our drive was over.
Santa in Sleigh
2007: a home in stafford park with (a real) santa in the front yard
in addition to our annual drive with my mother-in-law, i'm always scouting out new light shows to visit. a few years ago we went to the daniel stowe botanical gardens. this year, we tried the brand new event at the charlotte motor speedway (photo above).
***twelve days of christmas traditions***
from december 13 to 24, i am featuring christmas traditions here on my blog.
most of these are ones in which my family personally participates.
i encourage you to comment with your own holiday traditions. it's something i adore hearing!

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