national champions {gamecock baseball}

i can't believe it's taken me several days to get this posted, but i was travelling for work so that interferred in my ability to share this exciting news. throughout the college world series, i contemplated posting here about it, but i was afraid to jinx our winning streak (yes, this is bizarre...but baseball tends to be a very superstitious sport).

so, if you care anything about baseball, you already know that the University of South Carolina Gamecocks won the College World Series and are now the National Champions!!!!

Here are some nifty tidbits about the College World Series:

-- USC won the last CWS to be played in Rosenblatt Stadium
-- USC broke a CWS record by winning six straight games (to come back from the loss in the first game).
-- We had to beat our rival, Clemson, TWICE to move on to the finals.
-- There were over 13,000 fans welcoming the team back on Wednesday (more than our baseball stadium even holds).

On a personal note:
-- The week was full of many late nights. I only bailed early to bed once (we were up 6-0 over Clemson in the 7th).
-- We wore a LOT of Gamecock clothing (except Spencer - see below)
-- Spencer wasn't wearing a Gamecock outfit when they started winning, so he refused to wear anything different. He wore the same outfit for six games. (Yes, I washed it).

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