before + after {boys' bathroom}

upstairs in our house, there is a small bathroom that used to be spencer's, but of course is now for both of the boys. when i graduated college, i lived in a one-bedroom tee-tiny apartment. there i chose to decorate the bathroom in a nautical theme. that theme has moved with me and been used in 4 different locations! it was time to say good-bye.

since this bathroom and the laundry room are both pretty small, we decided to just share a can of paint and now they are both crazy green.

the trick with this room was making it work for a toddler-to-be and a tweener boy...oh joy. you may remember that i already posted about this a little bit HERE. we chose our decor from Kohl's, from two different sets. we went with a basic striped shower curtain. we decided to use red as the accent color because it's spencer's favorite. we chose plain red rugs and white towels with a red accent stripes (pictured below) for spencer.

for coleman, we picked up some younger towels with stripes (similar to the hand towel in the photo below) and some with monkeys and other animals. the other big improvement was removing the plain mirror and installing a medicine cabinet (which spencer picked out at lowe's). we love the additional storage (which is out of reach for coleman), and it makes the room look so much nicer. the red & white trash can (not pictured), soap dispenser and toothbrush holder (in photo below) are from target.

we were a tad worried that spencer wouldn't be thrilled with all of our decisions (even though he was pretty involved in the process). but, in the end, he really liked it! i also like it and feel it will last us for several years. it's very gender and age neutral, but still lots of fun.


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