savings saturday {bargains}

i got a few good deals this week, so i thought i'd share them with you. this time of year (end of season, combined with back-to-school) is a great time of year to rack up on cheap goodies.

the office supply stores offer some awesome deals around back to school. many items are free after rebate. i got two reams of copy paper at staples (one penny each after rebate). i have learned that most schools have this on their list of "requested donations" so it's a great way to help them out without spending anything. it also helps lessen the cost of couponing if you don't have to pay for the paper you're using to print! i also got a few other cheap items. even if you don't have kids in school, you can get some great deals on things you probably use around the house. i got so many free pens last year! also, don't forget to turn in your old printer cartridges for $3 each!! free money!

old navy
i went to take advantage of their Secret $2 Cami sale. I got 5 (the limit) and also picked up 2 pairs of flips-flops at $2.50. And if that's not good enough, their clearance was 50% off the already reduced prices. I got a tee for Spencer ($2), shorts for Coleman ($3.50) and two shirts for Coleman ($2.50 and $3.50). Do the math...that's a lot of stuff for less than $30. i also received a ton of coupons at check out for any future purchases i may want to make this month.

harris teeter
i have gotten some steals from harris teeter clearanced items lately. several weeks ago, i used some coupons during "super doubles" week to get lots of hair care products for free. the first time i did this, i found the discounted items right on the normal shelf. the second time, at a different store, the items were on a clearance rack at the front of the store. fast forward to last week, same store, same area...i got several super cheap school supply items that were on spencer's required list. gotta love it. same trip, but in the regular aisles, i found some clearanced tyson meat items and stocked up big time! so, the key takeaway here...watch for clearance stickers at your grocery store!

if you have trouble staying on top of the latest and greatest steals...find a money-saving site you like and follow it. my favorites are southern savers and common sense with money. it's worth it!


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