{mission statement}

as i mentioned yesterday in this post, i am working my way through many of the action steps suggested at inspired to action.

one of the big things she recommends is creating a motherhood mission statement. i tried to take this very seriously and followed all of her recommended steps to walk through the process.

i began by listing out all of my roles (in no particular order):
- mother - wife - daughter - sister - friend - christian - writer - blogger - scrapbooker - artist - volunteer - organizer - business analyst - board member - committee member

then i ranked them in order of importance and pulled out the top FOUR:

then i thought about my goals for each one and ultimately ended up with these four mission statements:

*i will strive to be patient & loving with spencer & coleman, spend quality time with them, while focusing on fun and actively setting a good example of the qualities for which they should desire for themselves.*

*i will strive to be patient and understanding with matt; be attentive to his needs and cherish him selflessly*

*i will strive to be a more devoted christian with consistent prayer and worship, aiming to be a model to others*

*i will strive to write often and consistently for both personal reflection and public consumption, reaching to expand my level of creativity*

i then journaled a page on each statement, detailing things i can do to help live by them.