{tiny tip tuesday}

one of the things that i feel pretty confident that i'm decent at doing, is organizing. i decided i would share a "tiny tip" on occasion. these are nothing groundbreaking. just little things that i use to keep myself sane.

today's tiny tip is this small, black laundry basket. it's an extra (in other words, it's not actually used for laundry). i keep it in our laundry room, which is located on the first floor of our home and right off the kitchen. if you live in a two-story home, you probably know how many times you can run up and down those stairs a day! i use this basket to gather anything that needs to go upstairs. then, when it gets kind of full, i take it upstairs and put everything up. sometimes i do this once a day, sometimes every few days, and yes, some days it's multiple times per day!
if you really want to know my process, which spencer thinks is a bit bizarre...i take the basket upstairs to the hallway, sit in the floor and separate everything into piles based on the room in which it belongs. then, i knock out the mini piles, room-by-room. NOTE: i actually put away the items where they belong. i do not just dump the piles into the room -- that would just cause additional clutter and work!

like i said, super simple and certainly not ingenious. but anyone with a two story house should have some type of container that serves a similar purpose. it really helps our downstairs stay less cluttered and saves me time by not running upstairs a million times a day.



  1. LOL! I used to do the same thing when we had a 2 story! *I don't miss those stairs one bit*!!!

  2. OMG, Hol, I'm sure you aren't surprised that I do EXACTLY the same thing! :o)

  3. I too do something very similar! I can't stand not putting things away either!!

  4. See! I told you it wasn't very groundbreaking :)