{mid-year update}

at the beginning of the year, i wrote this very long post about my goals for the year ahead. since we've just passed the mid-year point of 2010, i thought it would be a good time to review, reflect (and maybe reshape) these thoughts from six months ago. in case you actually read that ridiculously long post, i will keep my notes below organized in the same manner.

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*****[minor goals]*****

{project 365}
i'm happy to report that i finished this. sort of. what i actually did was come to terms with the fact that it would never actually be finished. i've been meaning to do a separate blog post about this, but the point is that i completed the project through the time frame (august, i think) that made sense and then i called it *done*.

{coleman's first year}
the actual goal was to complete the carousel my sister made for me in time for his birthday party. and i did it! i haven't done anything with the rest of his first year (which actually isn't part of this goal). it's still important to me that i get it done though. i guess you could consider that *part two* of the goal.

*****[major goals]*****

{patience + attitude}
unfortunately, i can't report much progress on this. i have been really trying with matt, in particular, to be more patient and not so short-fused, but i have no idea if it's actually been noticed. and i need to work harder with spencer. and coleman. coleman is particularly frustrating because i get angry but know i can't take it out on him. but sometimes i see him get mad and ball up his fist in anger and i think sadly "i just don't want him to be like me. i have to learn how to teach him patience." this is, by far, my biggest character flaw.

in some ways, things have improved. the biggest "extra curricular" activity that is a time sucker is my position on the hoa board, which i can't do anything about until october (and i will not be running for re-election). ultimately, making that decision is a big step.

i have been making more time for some creative stuff. but, other than our neighbors, i feel like i'm still not spending nearly enough time with friends (definitely a part of a baby joining us!). i'm doing a better job of really focusing on work - which was something that i was struggling with for a while. more detail on all of that below.

{regain control over my scrap studio}
i am making progress on this!! i have decided that the realistic approach to this is gradual. i'm doing better and keeping the "office clutter" organized, which is a huge step. as i work on projects and have supplies out, i'm purging stuff a little at a time. it's a very slow process. i think i will need to devote some larger chunks of time to it, but for right now, i'm ok with gradually picking away at things.
i've been able to bring coleman into the studio on occasion. i have a basket of toys in there for him. i just have to realize that sometimes it'll work, othertimes not. and for varying lengths of times.
i haven't made much progress on making the area more "project friendly" so i still can only really have one project at a time going.

{library of memories}
i signed up for the LOM class again this year, as an alumni (for free). i wasn't able to follow along during the class at all, but i am gradually making my way through the lessons. i'm only on lesson three but that is ok! what is the most important thing is that i've gotten better at grasping the mentality of library of memories. i've been following stacy julian's blog (and really anything she does) and have really felt relief of guilt by some of her wise words.

{creative outlet}
i truly am getting better at pushing myself to do more creatively. sometimes this means avoiding e-mails and getting behind on photo editing so i can actually scrap something digitally. other times it means neglecting laundry or even a nap, so that i can paper scrap while coleman is napping. whatever it is, i'm getting better!!! yay me! i've been using some free online classes to help keep me inspired and motivated, as well.

{weight loss}
i have lost a little weight - very little. probably less than 5 pounds. but there are some things that i can squeeze into that weren't feasible six months ago...so it's progressing. of course, with our beach vacation around the corner, it's not as much progress as i would've hoped! (note: i have totally bombed at incorporating any real exercise into my routine).
{couponing simplification}
i think i have a pretty good system in place. i usually only go to one grocery store per week, choosing between harris teeter and bi-lo (depending on who has better deals that week). and i usually go to one drug store, again choosing the best deals (usually based on who has the best diaper deal). i only file coupons once a week (after cutting out sunday's) and sometimes i even get backlogged and i'm ok with it!!! one area that could still be simplified is i think that i file too many coupons that i'm pretty sure i won't use. so, still room for some improvement there.

{refocus at work}
i'm happy to report that i have definitely improved in this area. my boss heard my woes and responded with some new responsibilities, on top of some of the same old stuff. it's been challenging and fun. i could still give a little more here, but definite improvements.

unfortunately, we still do not attend church -- haven't even tried out a church since my new year's post. we aren't doing any better at bringing faith into our home for spencer. on a personal note, i have continued daily devotionals (not every day but i'm sticking with the general program). the journey came along at the perfect time for me.

we really haven't done a great job with *penny pinching*...at least not as good as we should. i do save us plenty of money on groceries and such, but we also still spend plenty! i was looking at some of the financial obligations we have coming up this year, and we really do need to tighten the purse strings a little! for example: vacation in july, spencer's birthday in september, matt's parents' 60th anniversary in october (which means we'll probably be throwing them a party), christmas shopping in november and december of course, spencer's travel ball fees will start coming due in the fall, and then football season where we usually go to at least one game (pretty expensive) and also do plenty of entertaining. oh, and spencer may have to get braces in the fall or winter (kind of hoping that is put off until 2011).

hmmm...this is a tough one. definitely haven't put enough effort into it. i did go to a "girls night out" which was a first in forever. but one close friendship seems to be dwindling, which is kind of sad. cassidy and i are doing well, but seem to be in a bit of communication lull (do you hear that cassidy??? we need to talk more!!!)

{this blog}
i am really pleased with how i've been doing with this blog. i've been working behind the scenes to clean some things up (like labels). i am posting more consistently. i keep a list of new ideas as i think of them and i always have more ideas than time. i really like the "this week" series i've been doing and i'm proud of myself for sticking with it for so long.

{in conclusion}
i have to admit that reflection wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. unfortunately, i think some of the more important issues (like faith, money and friendships) are areas where i'm still slacking! we will see how this goes at the end of 2010!



  1. I hear you my dear friend...I hear you! :) :) :)

  2. PS- Can I come on your next girls night? I am REALLY in need of time out! :) Love ya friend!