{ten things i used to be}

a long time ago, my friend cassidy at proverb thirty-one & beyond listed ten things she used to be  and i thought it was a cute idea. so here goes...

10 things i used to be

(10) soccer trainer - for three years in high school, i was the manager/trainer for the boys' varsity soccer team. it's weird that i used to wrap ankles of nasty athletic feet. i hate feet.

(9) a late sleeper - if given the opportunity, i can still sleep in until about 9:00 or so. but i've gotten to the point that i usually enjoy getting up early.

(8) sorority girl - three and a half years as a chi omega at winthrop university (chi lambda chapter). i served as pledge mom, panhellenic rep and rho chi.

(7) skinny - in high school, i was a size zero and could barely find clothes that fit. my senior year, my weight broke three-digits and i thought i'd gotten fat. i used to lie about my weight so that i could donate blood. needless to say, this is no longer a problem. in college, i'd eat an entire box of swiss cake rolls. every week. alone.

(6) single - and then i got married to my handsome matthew :)

(5) yearbook staff member - for two years in high school (loved it) and a semester in college (didn't love it).

(4) basketball fan - in middle and high school, i followed basketball pretty seriously. my dad was a big fan and i was into it with him. i loved the unc tarheels and the chicago bulls (bj armstrong was my favorite, next to mj, of course!). it was late high school and college when i slowly started my conversion to football fan.

(3) not a country music fan - oddly enough, i remember the moment i was introduced to country music. but, alas, it took a while for it to truly *stick*.

(2) movie theater employee - for two years in high school and the first summer after i began college. i saw a lot of free movies and made some cool friends. fun job.

(1) pregnant - the best thing ever was a result of it, but i am glad the actual pregnancy is over!

what did you use to be?

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  1. Thanks for the props friend!! :) Ok...we must get together...and I mean it!