{music monday}

i have 884 songs on my iphone. sometimes i play specific playlists or artists depending on my mood. but a lot of times, particularly at work, i will just hit shuffle and see what happens. it's a lot of fun because sometimes i hear random songs i haven't heard in a while. so, right now, i'm hitting shuffle and thought i'd share the first ten songs that pop up!

(1) Tonight by New Kids on the Block
           a throw back from the past. gotta love NKOTB!!
(2) Hey Good Lookin' by Jimmy Buffett
           anything by JB is fantastic, and i have tons of his music
(3) What About Now by Daughtry
            i have daughtry's entire album, so this is one of his not-so-famous ones
(4) Already Gone by Sugarland
           love sugarland, love this song (probably stupid to declare my "love" of each song. clearly if  they are on my iPhone, i must like them)
(5) Don't Make Me Over by Glee Cast
          i have 80+ Glee songs so it's not surprising that one would pop up in the first ten.
(6) Won't Go Home Without Out You by Maroon 5
         this is one of their older ones, but excited that they've just released new music
(7) East Northumberland High by Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus
        i went through a big Hannah phase :) and this was my FAVORITE one
(8) Wake Up Call by Maroon 5
       ok, it's a little weird that two maroon 5 songs would pop up...but this is my favorite
(9) Dream On by Glee
      not as surprising to get two Glee songs
(10) Not Coming Home by Maroon 5
     ok, that's just WEIRD. i had to check...i only have 19 songs of theirs.

Some throwback for your viewing enjoyment...this is SO funny. Look at their hair and clothes.


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  1. I love the NKOTB props!! What a blast from the past!!!