before + after {laundry room}

in our last house (almost five years ago), our laundry room was TINY. i mean TEE TINY. our new laundry room isn't large and luxurious, but it is definitely a step up. i try to remind myself of that if i ever get frustrated with it's size. but, anyway...

the biggest problem with this room for the first four years in our home is that the space we did have was not being maximized. i have wanted to do something about it for a long time. finally, earlier this year, we did it! and i couldn't be happier.

below you will see the before and after photos of the main washer/dryer area. obviously, the biggest visual difference is the bright green color. it's loud, but we love it! but the most important improvement was the removing of the one wire shelf and replacing it with white cabinetry. we still need to add a pole for hanging clothes to left of the cabinets. i'm also hoping to find a cute window treatment to go with our crazy green.

on the other side of this small room, is a "nook" of sorts. in the past, we just had a laundry sorter there, so it was a huge waste of space. now it contains a tall cabinet that allows for lots of organized storage! i even got some super cute (matching) containers from target. the biggest drawback is that we still need the laundry sorter so it sits in front of the cabinet and has to be rolled out of the way slightly, to get inside. it's kind of a pain, but worth it to have the extra storage space.

my ultimate goal was to find some attractive baskets or containers to put on top of all the cabinets for additional (cute) storage. however, i haven't done that yet. and on the tall cabinet, we now store a beach bag and diaper bags up there. not pretty, but functional. overall, i am 100% pleased with the room's transformation and look forward to finishing up the final things that need to be done.



  1. Vickie Sadler7:34 AM

    LOVE it, Holly!!

  2. I love it as well! I want my laundry room more organized, but don't know if it will ever happen. :) I hope you are enjoying the beach!!

  3. I like it and I love the green! Maybe some curtains with pink and green would be cute?! My dream is to get a stackable washer and dryer for my laundry room. it would free up alot of space for me. What can I say, lol, I dream big!

  4. Hey Girl! LOVE it! And um... do you know that your new color is just about the same as the color on 2 of the walls in my laundry room! lol. Seriously, sometimes I wonder how many things we have/do the same! :o) Looks great! Love the bathroom also! :o)