this week {7.19 to 7.25}

~ i worked at home monday, with coleman's assistance, because his daycare was closed this week ~

~ matt loaded up the roof top bag ~

~ i was off on tuesday to prepare for our trip to the beach ~

~ i did a lot of packing ~

~ coleman got a haircut ~

~ i picked spencer up from his mother's house ~

~ we took the dogs to the "doggie hotel" ~

~ hugh was dropped off at our house (spencer's friend that was going to the beach with us) ~

~ we loaded up the car and met matt at work ~

~ we stopped for supper at mcdonald's and then headed down the beach ~

~ we made the trip with only one 'pit stop' and coleman was in good spirits despite not sleeping much ~

~ we arrived safely at the beach house, unloaded the car, visited with family and headed to bed ~

~ we spent lots of time on the beach ~

~ we spent lots of time at the pool ~

~ i walked four miles with matt's niece and her friend ~

~ coleman doesn't like the ocean but liked playing in the sand ~

~ i got seriously sunburnt. i mean...seriously. ~
i realized while doing this post that there is not one single photo of me from our entire vacation.

~ we went to supper at creek ratz and a thunderbooomer forced us to move from our patio spot to an indoor table ~

~ i went for an evening stroll with my niece and her friends. spencer & hugh came along and used the metal detector to find stuff (mainly tent stakes and trash) ~

~ we had pasta for supper at the beach house ~

~ i took coleman to aunt michelle's house early friday morning, where he spent the day and night ~

~ matt and i had a carefree day on the beach ~

~ we ate out at the japanese steakhouse ~

~ the boys rode back with britt & martha and went to waves, while matt and i went to wal-mart ~

~ i unzipped and organized lots of digital scrapping supplies ~

~ i scrapped two digital layouts ~

~ the boys played a lot of pool and a lot of video games ~

~ we took a day off from the beach (mainly due to my intense sunburn) ~

~ michelle and maggie brought coleman back to the beach house and hung out at the pool for a while ~

~ matt returned the new tent to wal-mart (long story) ~

~ matt and i cooked dinner for everyone at the beach house (burgers and fixins) ~

~ matt took the boys to play putt-putt ~

~ we packed up the car (again), and matt hurt his shoulder ~

~ we hit the road sunday morning, stopping for breakfast at "eggs up" ~

~ i got us all unpacked and did a ton of laundry ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $122; saved = $10 (8%)
no, that's not a typo. the only shopping i did was at the beach. i had to buy exactly what we needed regardless of sales or coupons. i had to choke back some tears in the check out line :-(
ytd savings = $2,737 (41%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $138

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