{out of the mouths of moms}


I thought this segment on mckmama's blog was cute, so i decided to join in.

"Stop pointing that thing at me. Trying to kidnap me isn't going to let you stay up any later"...a few minutes later, upstairs..."Stop holding your sleeping brother at gunpoint and go to bed." (Disclaimer...the gun was made from MegaBlocks. Not a real gun.)

"Stop hitting your brother. No Coleman. Nice Touches. Be Sweet. Spencer, stop laughing. You can't be mad at him and laugh. Pick one."

"Don't play with your tongue when your hands are covered in sand. Yuck."

"That's mommy's sippy cup, yours is over there" (in reference to a bottle of beer)

"No! This is mommy's toy, go play with your own" (in reference to my iPhone)

"Lay down. Mommy needs to change your diaper. No, not like that. On your back. How am I supposed to change your diaper if you're on your belly with your legs tucked under you? I'm good, but I'm not that good. Please?"

"No sir. That is Coleman's food, not the dogs. They have their own food. YOU eat. It's yummy. STOP feeding the dogs."
"Don't pee in the floor!! Oh gosh, NO, you did not just poop in the floor. Ugh."

"No, you can not have hot dogs for breakfast again. Put them back in the fridge."


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