this week {7.5 to 7.11}

~ i was off on monday for the holiday ~

~ i watched a smile like yours ~

~ i shopped at harris teeter, bi-lo, and rite aid. got a great diaper deal at rite aid ~

~ i hung out with the neighbors ~

~ cooper escaped. neighbors watched coleman while i searched. i found him. ~

~ a neighbor fixed the air conditioning in my car ~

~ we watched last comic standing ~

~ i created two photobooks - both free - paid a total of $4.98 (S&H) for both ~

~ i worked on the digital elements that i want to use for my vacation mini album ~

~ i created bag toppers and printed them out, making goody bags for our scrap weekend ~

~ i ordered a (free) 8x10 photo collage from rite aid ~

~ spencer made me the coolest birthday card ever ~
it's a 12"x12" sheet made from my scrapbook scraps
the comment he wrote is about a little "accident" we recently had when coleman splashed ranch dressing all over my head.
~ matt picked up a 5x7 family photo i had ordered (for free) from rite aid and i added it to a frame ~

~ i celebrated my birthday with matt, spencer and coleman on wednesday night ~
i'm pretty sure coleman is thinking "Lord, thank you for bringing this yummy birthday cake into my life and having a nice enough daddy to let me have three pieces. Amen."

~ i bought a new liquor: southern comfort sweet tea ~

~ i shopped at michael's and old navy ~

coleman meets xander for the first time.
~ scott, cameron and baby xander came over for a visit ~

~ we ordered papa john's pizza for supper ~

~ i watched more episodes of prison break ~

~ i grocery shopped at bi-lo ~

~ i picked up chicken salad at ebenezer cafe. it's the best. ~

~ mom, michelle & maggie came into town for the weekend ~

~ i took friday off from work ~

~ mom, michelle, sherry and i spent friday and saturday scrapbooking ~

~ they got me cake and balloons and gifts for my birthday ~

~ we all took coleman to the playground and he had a blast going down the slide a million times ~

~ i turned 32 years old ~

~ i met mom, michelle and maggie at IHOP for breakfast ~

~ coleman and i went to wal-mart ~

~ coleman swam in the monks' kiddie pool while the adults hung out ~

~ i actually bought two dresses ~

{savings tracker}
spent = $182; saved = $136 (43%)
ytd savings = $2,579 (41%)
weekly average for family of 3.5 = $137


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