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i watch a lot of tv. i know it's not the most productive use of my time, but whatever. at the end of the day, when everything is finally done, that's how matt and i chill. and i typically multi-task, doing something else while i'm watching, unless i'm really tuckered out. i thought it'd be fun to share the shows we watch. even though it seems like a lot, keep in mind that they don't all air at the same time of year! some are "must watch" shows every week. others are ones i could live without.

though i agree that tv time doesn't normally make for the best "quality" family time, there are exceptions. we really have a good time watching shows like the singing bee - all of us participating (it's almost like playing a game, via the tv). we also talk about a lot of stuff when we watch american pickers and i think it's been a good learning experience for spencer.

shows matt, spencer, and i all like:
  • american pickers
  • burn notice
  • american idol
  • the singing bee
  • don't forget the lyrics 

shows matt & i watch together
  • the mentalist
  • fringe
  • bones
  • modern family
  • white collar
  • glee
  • the glades

shows that matt likes and i tolerate
  • supernatural
  • kitchen nightmares
  • hell's kitchen

shows i watch alone:
  • ncis
  • ncis: la
  • brothers & sisters
  • desperate housewives
  • private practice
  • the closer
  • csi: miami
  • criminal minds


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