music monday {poker face}

i do not like lady gaga. sorry. just don't. it's not just the fact that she's so odd (though that doesn't help). but i just don't like her voice. when i found out that my favorite show, glee, would be featuring some of her songs, i wasn't sure how i felt about it. after some consideration, i realized i might just like it because it's not actually her music i dislike, but the actual voice. sure enough...glee blessed us with this fantastic rendition of poker face by characters rachel and shelby.

in a glee discussion with a co-worker, after that episode aired, he asked me if i'd heard this version by daughtry. well, it turns out i hadn't. so now i'm not sure which one i like best. let's just say i love them both!


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  1. OMG! I could have written most of this post! haha. I too, am not thrilled with Miss Gaga! :o) But I LOVE the versions of Poker Face that you posted. Especially Daughtry! Thanks for sharing!!!