tiny tip tuesday {travel toiletries}

since i just back from vacation, i thought i'd share a related tip today. it's a space-saver in your luggage, as well as a huge money-saver. if you are like me, you like travel-sized toiletry items for one of two reasons. either you travel by plane and the small size is required, or you just don't want to lug around huge bottles of shampoo, lotion, etc. unfortunately, purchasing these travel-sized items in stores is not a wise economical decision. the next time you are shopping and bored, do some basic math and calculate the "per ounce" cost of a full-sized bottle of something, compared to the trial size. Ouch!

what i used to do was purchase empty plastic bottles (usually sold in the same area as travel-sized toiletries) and filled them up from my everyday bottles. this is definitely a good option, but not the best.

what i do now is get most of my travel toiletries for free. yup, that's right. in conjunction with my couponing efforts, i have learned that tons of companies offer free samples of their products. personal care items are right at the the top of the list for these! now, i make a habit of submitting online for these samples and i save them for my work and family travels. it usually only take a minute to fill in your information.

if you aren't sure where to find out about these samples, i recommend choosing a money-saving website to follow. my favorites are southern savers and common sense with money.



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  2. Having travel size toiletries around is very rewarding. You can bring it anywhere, anytime and you can make use of it as your giveaway on certain activities.