{totally inspired}

earlier this week, i found a blog that totally inspired me. i mean, in a serious way. if you are a mom and a christian, you must go check it out. it's called inspired to action (appropriate name, huh?). i've been pretty much obsessed with it since i found it.

so, what is it? it's a blog with incredibly inspiring posts to get you motivated. nothing crazy...just fantastic words to help make everyday life a bit more simple. the interesting thing is that i have been getting some emails from this website (though i have no idea how or why) and i never paid them much attention. i don't even know what made me click over to check it out on tuesday, but everything happens for a reason, and apparently it was *time* for me to arrive here. and i'm so glad i did.

Inspired To Action Button

she has a free e-book called maximize your mornings and i highly recommend reading it. i'd also highly encourage you to go back to the blog's beginning and read it ALL. it's only been around since late 2009, so it's totally doable.

as i work through her "action steps", i will be posting more here!


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  1. Holly,
    You made my day!
    Ironically, I'm not really a writer. I don't love to write, but I do love to help and inspire. Your words make me want to write all day. Thanks.