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i started on the journey back in january. with daily readings, i realized that it'd be a bit easier if The Bible was a bit more portable. i'm not sure what made it "click" but at some point i decided to see if there really is "an app for everything". sure enough, i found a free Bible app. matt and spencer think it's weird that i sit and read the Bible on my phone. but, i'm pretty sure God doesn't care :) i just read an article in our local paper about how popular technology has become in religion.

the app i downloaded is from YouVersion. i had never gotten an email from this company until today. and it was cool. people have spent two billion minutes reading the Bible through their app. that's the same as 38 centuries or 33 million hours. this is one of those times when technology is definitely doing good things.

anyway...just thought i'd share one of my favorite apps


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  1. Holly,
    Have I told you lately that you AMAZE me?! :o) Because you do. Seriously. I know we joke that we are soul sisters...but sometimes I just wanna BE you when I grow up! LOL!