{coleman @ 17 months}

today coleman is 17 months old

he loves to eat. a lot. and drink. a lot.

he takes liquid medications very well.

he loves books. he spends time flipping through them on his own.
but he likes to be read to a lot.
his favorites are small flap books with shapes and numbers.

he is still addicted to his pacifier.

he likes to help with household chores and is good at helping clean up his toys.
he hands me clean laundry from the dryer for me to fold.
he hands me clean dishes from the bottom rack of the dishwasher to put away.

he still has a great throwing arm and gets lots of comments/compliments on it.

he is learning to eat with a fork and is totally obsessed with it.
he loves meat. all meat.

he still loves music and is quite the dancer now.

he is totally obsessed with my iphone.
and yes, he knows how to use it.

he is going to bed a little later and sleeping a little later. both good things.

he is using sign language more - particulary "eat" and "more".

he has learned to drink out of a straw.

he adores his big brother.

he is gradually learning more words.


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  1. 17 months...wow! I can't believe it. I'll bet you are planning his second birthday party already. :) Giada is 14 months and I can't believe that...PS- I go back to work tomorrow after a few weeks off and am TOTALLY DREADING it!!